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Female Hormonal Balance Pack

Female Hormonal Balance Pack includes: FEM Oil (1p),  Fem GLD (1p), and Vit-A-Gland (2p) 

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Female Hormonal Balance Pack includes:

  1. FEM Oil (120 capsules)  – 1p.
  2. Fem GLD (60 tablets) – 1p. 
  3. Vit-A-Gland (90 tablets) – 2p.

FEM Oil (120 capsules) Black Currant (Ribes nigrum) is a deciduous plant with edible berries and highly potent seeds. It is a main staple to holistic wellness practices around the world, and a notorious source of Omega-6 fatty acid GLA. Dr.O Solutions Fem-Oil gluten-free and non-GMO nutritional supplement provides 1,500 mg of Black Currant Seed Oil per serving, with 225 mg of naturally occurring GLA. Quick-release softgels provide the powerful nutritional support you need from this little seed, tested for purity & potency!

Vit-A-Gland is low potency multivitamin/mineral, designed to mimic the amount of vitamins and minerals found in foods. It also includes non-hormone producing neonatal glandulars. Heart, kidney, liver and spleen are included for respective organ support

  1. FEM Oil  take 2 capsules x 2 times a day (30 days) 
  2. Fem GLD or Cytozyme O take 1 tablet x 2 times a day (30 days)
  3. Vit-A-Gland take 3 tables x2 times a day (30 days)


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