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Home Air and Water Ozonator

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This is  a small Household Ozonator  is designed to handle almost all Ozonating (odor removing and disinfecting) Jobs around your house. This unit has  2 programming modes

$ 99.00

This is a small Ozonator designed to handle almost all Ozonating (odor removing and disinfecting) Jobs around your house.

Basic mode allow you set a timer mode from 1 min to 30 min.

These programming modes allow this Home Air and Water Ozonator to be used in many applications for air or water:

– Washing meat and fish in ozonating water will substantially increase a shelf life, your salad can stay fresh in Ozonated water for weeks!

– Washing fruits and veggie in ozonated water will effectively kill bacteria (E-Coli and etc) and oxidize pesticide surface residue

–  Use Ozonated water and it will effectively disinfect your   kitchen sink and dish sponge and removes a “sink order”

– Home Air and Water Ozonator is easy to wall-mount in  kitchen, closets and other rooms in your home.  Unit will freshen up a small space, such as closet or bathroom or even  small basement

–  Ozonate Air inside Car cabin to remove “old car mold smell”

–  Place your cloth in a bag and pump ozone in it, it will kill all fungus and bacteria as well will effectively remove any “stinky” odour from your cloth,  sport shoes or bag!

–  With Advanced Programming option you can safely program our unit to disinfect Aquarium water with Ozone and making sure your water is not over-ozonated.

Unit produces a stable ozone output with  300 mg concentration  up to  10,000 hours.

Home Air and Water Ozonator Technical Specifications:

– Ozone Output : 300 mg/h at 2.5 L/min with dry air.

– Air flow rate: 2.5-2.8 l/min

–  Size: 192 x 87 x 80 mm with Stainless Steal Case
– Input voltage : 120V primary, 12V secondary, Power: <12 W
– Accessories: 12V power adapter, Medical Silicone Tubing and Ozone Resistant Stone with Luer  Lock (quick connect), Instruction Manual.

– 1 year warranty.

Return policy:

You can return Home Air and Water Ozonator within 30 days from the date of purchase. The product must be returned in the original package with all original content.

All returns need authorization before shipment.

The customer is responsible for shipment back to the manufacturer for all warranty issues.

20% restocking fee applied.

This Household Air and Water Ozonator is a device that produces ozone, a powerful oxidant that can eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from the air and water. These devices work by using electricity to convert oxygen molecules into ozone molecules.


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озонатор, генератор озона, очиститель воздуха

Weight 45 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in


4 reviews for Home Air and Water Ozonator

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  1. It was well packaged and arrived.

  2. Drink now every day ozonized water and I am excited!

  3. Lightweight, easy to use and excellent ozone output. Hose extension piece with luer lock for the output port is a thoughtful touch. Much easier to connect/disconnect than other units I’ve tried. I’ve used this for freshening up storage rooms, cleaning fruits and veggies for much longer storage life and ozonated drinking water. It has worked flawlessly so far. My machine timer goes beyond 60 minutes as well.

  4. Добрый день.Хочу поблагодарить доктора за это чудо.С удовольствием использую на кухне,в ванной и для воды.Это маленькое чудо!

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