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Autism and Ozone

I always say to my patients “autistic kids like canary in coal mine”. Look at the statistics below. It’s scary. We ran many blood tests on ASD diagnosed kids and almost all of them have the same pattern of [...]

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Extreme Efficacy of Ozone Therapy

The sarcastic comment of the opponents is that ozone therapy looks like a panacea for all diseases. Indeed it seems so, but in reality this is due to the multitude of compounds originated at first from the reaction of ozone [...]

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Medical Ozone Water Purification Ozonated Water Therapy with NANO SS Stone

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a general termination of a medical therapy that medical ozone gas is used by several methods. Some of these methods are systemic where many others are local applications. Aging process basically related with oxidants and anti-oxidants [...]

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Medical Ozone for Your Pets

Having a Medical Ozone Package at home not only can help you but can be very beneficial to you pets as well. Here is a very interesting story… One of you clients (young family) purchased a Medical Ozone Therapy [...]

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