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Heal Your Sunburn with Bio-Ozole (Ozonated Oil)

According to  Wikipedia Sunburn is an inflammatory response in the skin triggered by direct DNA damage by UV radiation. When the skin cells' DNA is overly damaged by UV radiation, type I cell-death is triggered and the skin is replaced.[3]  Sun protective measures offers by official  farmacopea including sunscreen and sun protective clothing.  These methods are widely accepted to prevent sunburn and some types of skin cancer.

As we know and it was widely covered by alternative media that most of sunscreen blockers are cancerogenic. The best way to protect yourself from a sunburn is not get exposed to Sun's  UV light but if you get to the beach after a long winter, it's almost impossible not to get a sunburn  when you swim or play ball, or do other beach activities.

So you got a sunburn, what do you do to reveal a  burning pain and restore a you burned skin?

There are a few natural remedy that work well after sunburn:

  1. Aloe Vera juice – it work quite well but for best results it must be applied to skin immediately (right on a beach before skin reaction occurs) and Aloe Vera Juice/gel MUST  BE MADE  FROM A FRESH  and JUST CUT LEAF.  Treatment efficiency drops  as leaf stays on a shelf/cooler even if leaf is look fresh it  loses its healing potency.
  2. Natural Oils – best apply them before a sun exposure, it prevents skin dryness and  UV free radical  damage. If sunburn already  happened will reveal some pain and not  remove skin redness. It's best to use a light oils such as   Apricot or Peach  Kernel, Wheat Kernel Oil (reach in Vit E).
  3. Many our customers reported to us that  they got a great results revealing most of sunburn  pain and skin redness by applying Dr. O Bio-Ozole  during or after a sunburn. They said it take almost all pain away or makes a pain more bearable,  fast restores you. Bio-Ozole can be applied as many time as you need it  toget a full healing effect.

    Ozonated Oil

If  tried Bio-Ozole for sunburn  please share your experience with us and our readers.


Oleg Nikishin, M.S., N.D.

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