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Ozone Injection Syringe Filling Adapter

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Ozone Injection Syringe Filling Adapter is very easy to use and  Now comes with Nano Filter to filter any oxygen impurities!

Ozone Injections Syringe Adaptor designed for filling diabetic  disposable syringes with Medical Ozone-Oxygen Gas Mixture for

intramuscular, under skin, or for adipose tissue injections.  Many Acupuncturists use our Adaptor for Ozone Acupuncture. Ozone Acupuncture tremendously increases acupuncture results.

This adapter-attachment designed for doctors  by doctors request for ozone clinics and acupuncturists.

Adapter is simple to use and attaches directly to Dr. O Medical Grade Ozone Generator.

Adapter now comes with Ozone Resistant Teflon Membrane 0.45 microns Filter, Housing made from Polypropylene Plastic.
For best and safe Ozone Therapy Practice, please use Oxygen Bacterial Filter on  oxygen feed line

Ozone Injection Syringe Filling Adapter Please be advised:

– We do consult only medical personal on Ozone Injection Therapies.
– If you are a doctor, go to our website, download and fill up  a paperwork. We review your paperwork and
set you up as Medical Practitioner.
Ozone Injection Adapter made from Ozone Resistant Poly-carbonate connectors and Medical Grade Silicone Tube.
Adapter is designed for  0.3- 1.0 CC Diabetic Syringes.
You will need to supply our own syringes. You can buy them here –
According to research Ozone-Oxygen Injection Therapies  may be effective for:
  – All local inflammation regardless of the inflammation cause, because it will substantially  reduce
inflammation in 1-3 minutes;
 –  Any localized local pain condition. It will even substantially reduce a bone cancer pain!
 –  All  Dental procedures and gum treatments;
 – Cosmetic Skin Rejuvenation Treatments and Cellulite Treatments;
 – Any insects (including ticks, snakes, and spiders) bites, skin raptures and hard treating lesions.
 – any other condition that needs a fast recovery.

Ozone Injection Syringe Filling Adapter

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