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Oxyhydrogen Generator

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Dr.O Solutions HHO Hydrogen Generator is a hydrogen and oxygen generator machine that is designed or multi-treatments with pure hydrogen and pure oxygen gas. It uses PEM technology (polyelectrolyte method), which is the safest way to produce hydrogen gas frequently inhaled at hospitals and homes. It allows us to inhale hydrogen with a purity of 99.99%


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What Is Dr.O Solutions Oxyhydrogen Generator?

An oxyhydrogen generator is a device that produces a mixture of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gases from water through the process of electrolysis. Breathing oxyhydrogen gas, also known as hydrogen-oxygen therapy, involves inhaling a mixture of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gases. While this practice is still under scientific investigation, several potential benefits have been proposed based on preliminary research and anecdotal evidence:

  1. Antioxidant Properties: Hydrogen gas has potent antioxidant properties, which can help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Inhaling hydrogen gas may help reduce inflammation. May be beneficial for inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and asthma.
  3. Neuroprotective Effects: Hydrogen gas has shown promise in protecting brain cells from damage in conditions like stroke, traumatic brain injury, and neurodegenerative diseases.
  4. Improved Metabolic Function: Hydrogen gas may enhance cellular metabolism and energy production, potentially benefiting metabolic disorders and improving overall energy levels.
  5. Cardiovascular Health: Hydrogen gas may help protect the heart from damage caused by the return of blood supply after a period of ischemia or lack of oxygen.
  6. Respiratory Benefits: Inhaling a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases may help improve respiratory function and reduce symptoms in conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory illnesses.
  7. Anti-Apoptotic Effects: Hydrogen gas may help prevent apoptosis (programmed cell death) which could be beneficial in conditions where cell survival is crucial.


H2 Flow: 300 mL/min (-/+ 10%)

O2 Flow: 150mL/min (-/+ 10%)

Electrolysis method: PEM technology

Hydrogen Purity: 99.99%

Water tank size: 1000 mL

Net weight: 3.4 kg

Dr.O Solutions Oxyhydrogen Generator Come With:

Power Cord, Silicone Hose with Liquid Trap, User’s Manual and Box

Weight 144 oz
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 14 in


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