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Hair Analysis

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Hair Analysis

It is done by evaluating hair structure and DNA from cells attached to the root of the hair. It can be used to find out if people are related. Forensic it can be done to help identify a person who may have been present at a crime scene

Laboratory Equipment

Hair Analysis uses state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and remains on the cutting-edge of technological advancements for laboratory equipment. As with all technological advancements throughout society, elemental (minerals) analysis has surpassed the parts-per-million (atomic spectroscopy) into the parts-per-billion (plasma spectroscopy)!

However, all laboratory equipment from the clean rooms to the sample preparation equipment to the analytical equipment and computer databases for proper interpretations of applied science must remain state-of-the-art to provide you the most accurate results.

Please, send hair sample (1.5 gram) with your First, Last Name and Date of Birth to:

  • DrO Solutions
  • 1080 Industrial Blvd, unit #9
  • Southampton, PA 18966


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