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Ozone in commerce

Commercial Air and Water  10G  Ozone Generator

Commercial Air and Water 10G Ozone Generator

Technical Specification:

Item: AWO-10G

Input  Voltage: 110-220V

Power Requirements: 370 W

Unit Detentions: 301 X 277 X 393 mm

Unit Weight: 20kg

Ozone output: 4-10 g/H


Unit Description:

  • Commercial Ozone Generator with a built-in oxygen concentrator;
  • Stainless steel 304 housing
  • Variable Ozone flow setting for  seamless integration in different Requirement of Particular  Ozone System applications:

Swimming Pools Water Ozonation

Commercial Laundry Systems

Growers Odour Treatments

Water Treatments and Purification

Fruits and Vegetables Processing

Meat  Processing

Fish Processing

Fish Processing

Plant Nursery

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