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Medical Ozone Introduction

Ozone is a natural gas of energetically charged  oxygen atoms that has a distinctive odor and properties.

Ozone therapy is a medical therapy that a mixture of oxygen and ozone which is called Medical Ozone.

Ozone therapy can improve well-being and delay the negative effects of aging.

A Medical Ozone Generator produces Ozone from pure oxygen passing through a high voltage plasma discharge.

Ozone is:

  • 6 fold denser and 10-fold more
  • soluble in water (49.0 mL in 100 mL water at 0C) than oxygen.

Although ozone is not a radical molecule, it is the third most potent oxidant after fluorine and per sulfate.

Ozone is an unstable gas that cannot be stored. It should be used at once because it has a half life of 40 min at 20 C.

Even though Ozone has a Oxidizing properties but in a human body it functions as normalize of all oxidizing processes. It activates immune system T-cells, and rejuvenates all tissue’s cells.

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