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Helicobacter Pylori Eradication and Ulcer Healed by Ozone in Water

The following  Chinese research   paper objective was set to research how natural substances with ozonated water helps to heal ulcers and H-Pylori infections. Paper was published in April 07, 2016.

In total, 132 patients were confirmed to be Hp infection positive using a Carbon 14C breath test.  Patients have been decided in groups. The anti-Hp treatment period lasts 2 weeks followed by other treatments with with standard esomeprazole-based triple therapy.  In final results they say:

“Gastroscopy indicated that 21 patients in group 3 with duodenal ulcers were in the healing stage, and 29 patients in group 4 were in the healing stage, with a significant difference between these two groups (p = 0.022). The 14C urea breath tests were negative for 26 patients with a 79% rate of Hp elimination in group 1. The rates of Hp elimination were 97% in group 2 (n = 32), 73% in group 3 (n = 24), and 94% in group 4 (n = 31). The chi-square test demonstrated a significant difference between groups 1 and 2 (p < 0.05) and between groups 3 and 4 (p < 0.05). The Hp eradication of drinking ozonated tri-distilled water in combination with standard esomeprazole-based triple therapy was significantly increased compared with the standard esomeprazole-based triple therapy
Conclusion: Drinking ozonated tri-distilled water in combination with the standard treatment substantially enhances Hp eradication and promotes healing of duodenal ulcer lesions.”

It's interesting to see as typical academical research group can't get away from pharmaceutical financial interests  still say toward the end:

“During this entire study, no adverse side effect was identified. Dr. Kawara and his research team also demonstrated that ozone nanobubble water (NBW3) for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach sustains its disinfective activity in a wide range of pH levels and did not exhibit cytotoxicity on mammalian cells or tissues; they suggested that pepsin inhibits NBW3 activity in a dose-dependent manner [22]. As a contamination free water disinfectant, because of its unstableness, ozone breaks down into oxygen and a single oxygen atom, which combines with oxygen quickly, and the ozone from the ozonated tri-distilled water does not leave behind toxic residues. The ozone dissolved in the tri-distilled water is released once it is passed through the stomach and intestines and works to eliminate Hp through the gastric mucosa. In medical use, the ozone produced from medical grade oxygen is administered in precise therapeutic doses, never via inhalation, and advocates that ozone has excellent health benefits in dental caries, decreases blood cholesterol and stimulation of antioxidative responses, modifies oxygenation in resting muscle and is used in the complementary treatment of hypoxic and ischemic syndromes [14]. Our study demonstrates the potential of ozone to eradicate Hp and, especially when combined with the standard treatment increases the Hp eradication rate. Moreover, the ozonated tri-distilled water has the advantages of simple manufacture, like our daily drinking mineral water, safety, convenience and economy. Thus, further research and discussion should be encouraged to identify the optimal and safe concentration for ozonated tri-distilled water that eliminates Hp. Ozone may potentially become a more widely applicable treatment method for fighting bacterial infections.”

From my experience I can say that drinking  distilled ozonated water with dietary supplement Bio-HPF completely eliminate Hp in 3 weeks.

Research Article in PDF format can be downloaded from here –

Click to access ECGD-01-00004.pdf

Oleg Nikishin, N.D., M.S., M.H., M.I.
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