Ozone Generator 85 Gamma (USA power supply)

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Ozone Generator is not a typical low-end Ozone generator, this is excellent Ozone Therapy Machine. It ‘s  designed by Doctor of Naturopathy for Doctors who are engaged with Ozone Therapy !

$ 280.00


Ozone-generator is not a typical low-end Ozone Generator come with USA  Power Adapter.

A brand new  ozone generating  device uses the latest corona discharge QUARTZ tube with MEDICAL GRADE TITANIUM electrodes. It is a most stable ozone output with high ozone concentration with up to  10,000 hours of stable performance for best possible price.

– Ozone Output 85 Gamma (mg/L) with oxygen feed 1/32 LPM , 9 mg/L – 1 LPM (Air/Oxygen Generating Device is not included)
– Continuous operation with cooling fan
–  Size: 192 x 87 x 80 mm with Stainless Steel Case
– Input voltage : 12V, Power: 6 W
– Foam Cover for Generator Storage.
Comes basic connecting accessories:

  1. Medical Grade  Extra Long ( 1 meter) silicone tube for oxygen feed  connecting with oxygen in-line bacteria filter.
  2. Extra Long (1 meter) Ozone resistant silicone tube  with Luer connector for Ozone output.
  3. Universal International  Power Supply with worldwide Plugs configurations.
Generator can be used for:
  1. FOR ALL HOME METHODS – Dr.O Solutions Ozone Generator is fully functional for over 20 home ozone methods and applications… plus a few extra
  2.  Water Ozonation ( with Dr.O Solutions Water Ozonator).
  3.  Air  Disinfection and Order Removal ( can be used with Air Pump).
  4.  Ozonated oils, bad order control, disinfection  (See Dr. O Solutions Disinfection Box), food and agriculture industries and many other uses.
  5. Ozone Bagging and Sauna.

1(one) year warranty  directly from Dr. O Solutions.

According to most current research Ozone can be used for:


  • Acute and chronic pain.
  • Connective tissue diseases : Rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  • Diseases of the myosceletic and joint system including all types of arthritic cases : Arthrosis, Arthritis, Osteochondrosis of the backbone, Myositis, Reactive arthritis.
  • Posttraumatic conditions and consequences from any kind of trauma.
  • Postoperative complications (eradicating purulent infection, healing of wounds).
  • Nervous system diseases (neurosis, stress, psychosomatic frustration, nerve inflammation).
  • Diabetes and its complications: Diabetic foot (check our Ozone Limb Bagging Solution), Impotency
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis).
  • Encephalopathy of various etiologies.
  • Viral infections (Hepatitis, Herpes Zoster, Bell’s Palsy etc.)
  • Diseases of the respiratory system (chronic pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, emphysema οf lungs, bronchial asthma).
  • Skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, fungous diseases)
  • Urologic and Aphrodisiac infections.
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Intoxications of various etiology.
  • Consequences of insult.
  • Rehabilitation of old age patients.
  • Impotency and Prostatitis
  • Allergies and allergic reactions.
  • Varicose veins, thrombophlebitis
  • Cellulitis  & Gangrene

Attention International Buyers -check your country regulations, taxes and dues before buying item. 

Disclaimer:  Ozone  Therapy is approved as treatment modality in many country around the word, but not by USA  FDA. 

Dr. O Natural Health Solutions does  not assume any risk connected to your misuse of Ozone.


Return policy:

You can return a product in a 30 days from a date of purchase. The product must be returned in original package with all original content.

All returns need authorization before shipment.

Customer responsible for shipment back to manufacture for all warranty issues.

20% restocking fee applied.

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


28 reviews for Ozone Generator 85 Gamma (USA power supply)

  1. francesco r.

    (verified owner):

  2. Daniel F.

    (verified owner):

    Everything was as expected, well packaged and fairly quick for an international delivery.

  3. Richard Palmer

    (verified owner):

  4. Richard Palmer

    (verified owner):

  5. Emanuel P.

    (verified owner):

    Very easy to use.

  6. Sebastiao L.

    (verified owner):

    recommendend by friends, Works good

  7. Bradley Bahler

    (verified owner):

    Finally, an realistically affordable Ozonator.

  8. Carolina

    (verified owner):

    The size is perfect.

  9. Georges Smaha

    (verified owner):

    The ozone output is strong using an oxygen concentrator. It sure does the job.

  10. Jose Varela

    (verified owner):

    Shipping was supposed to be free if I ordered more than $498.00 which I had

  11. Anonymous

    (verified owner):

    I work with Tesla’s plasma sphere. During my research, your unit was the only one that uses plasma to create ozone. That’s why I chose your unit.

  12. Nikas Nikas

    (verified owner):

    Have not received… I understand the current environment of crazy

  13. james montgomery

    (verified owner):

    I haven’t seen my order yet.

  14. Catherine S.

    (verified owner):

    Works amazingly well and very nicely compact

  15. Thuy Nguyen

    (verified owner):

    This generator is very good and excellent

  16. Timothy Stemwedel

    (verified owner):

    Still waiting to receive purchase

  17. Michka

    (verified owner):

    premium product for half the price than with other providers! Thank you Dr. O Solutions for making it affordable for a single mother!

  18. Richard C Palmer Jr

    (verified owner):

    Still the best machine for the $$$ No issues from all the people I have ordered a generator for.

  19. muhammad qomaruzzaman

    (verified owner):

    Havent yet receive and no info when it will come

  20. Stan

    (verified owner):

    Very easy to use.

  21. Ray Crawford

    (verified owner):

    As advertised.

  22. Consuelo

    (verified owner):

    Good,I don’t use yet

  23. Anonymous

    (verified owner):

    Very reliable and easy to use

  24. frank greulich

    (verified owner):


  25. luis armendariz

    (verified owner):


  26. maurice bey

    (verified owner):


  27. Olga Partak

    (verified owner):

    Everything was great! Thanks

  28. maurice bey

    (verified owner):


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