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Water and Oil Ozonation

Ozonation of either bidistilled Water and Oil Ozonation is performed by bubbling the gas mixture (O2-O3) for either five min or up to two days, respectively. The ozone concentration in pure water, due to solubilised ozone, corresponds to 25% of the used ozone concentration, which is more than enough for an optimal disinfection. One gram of oil can bind up to 160 mg of ozone. While ozonated water remains efficacious for one-two days, the oil remains stable for two years in the refrigerator. Both acts as potent disinfectants and enhance healing by stimulating cell proliferation. As soon as the medical community will appreciate their efficacy, both ozonated water and oil will become indispensable tools in chronic wound healing units. I would like to predict that the application of ozonated oil, a simple and inexpensive remedy will become far more useful than expensive pharmaceutical creams and will herald a medical revolution for the optical treatment of torpid ulcers and wounds. Under these termsit is not exaggerated to proclaim ozone as “the wonder drug of the XXI century”.

The problems of the disinfection of drinking water and the prevention of nosocomial infections have become of primary importance because their solution means life ore death for many people. In comparison to chlorine, the versatility and efficacy of ozone is widely acknowledged.

Most of us are aware that ozone is basically a treatment of pure oxygen and its effect on the human body is even better. As our human body is made up of 70% of water, we used ozone in many different way, one of them is what we know as ozonated water. As ozone when mix in water it diluted thoroughly and highly purifies the water, as it is soluble in water. It maintain its tri-oxygen identity.

Biological Properties of Ozonated Water:

• It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae on contact.

• It breakdown harmful synthetic chemicals into less dangerous molecules.

• It purifies the blood by rupturing the cell wall of the microorganisms.

• It kills some cancer cells, slows tumor growth, and may stop the spread of cancer.

• It provides more oxygen to the brain.

• It boosts the immune system.

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