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Ozone Enema Kit for Rectal/Vaginal Ozone Therapy 2Qt

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Dr. O Solution glad to present you Ozone Enema Kit!   It connects directly to our Medical Grade Ozone Generator or Home Air and Water Ozonator

$ 49.95

Dr. O Solution glad to present you Ozone Enema Kit!   It connects directly to our Medical GRADE  Generator or Home Air and Water Ozonator . Enema Kit designed  with useful option – You can  Ozonated Water in Enema during enema procedures, that is assures high dissolved ozone concentration in water going to you colon.

This kit comes with 3 (three) Special Medical Catheters. They thin enough for comfortable insertion and thick enough not to bend during the procedures. You can buy more catheters here if you need it.
 Our Ozone Enema contains:
  1.  2500 ml (3Qt) Enima Jar with lid, Ozone Resistant Stone Bubbler and Luer Lock connectors
  2.  3.3′ (1.0m)  Medical Grade Silicon tubing with  Luer  connectors and stopper
  3. 14″ Length  PVC Catheters with built-in Luer Lock connector- 3p
  4.  Detachable  1.0 m (3.3″) silicone tubing for Generator Connection
  5. Ozone Enema Instructions

If you are new to Rectal Ozone Insufflation Therapy, we recommend you buying  first our   Ozone Rectal Insufflation  Kit  (Variation 2) for Colon Flash This is  excellent kit for  flashing  blocked fecal matter in sigmoid colon  that prevents Ozonated Water to flow into descended and transverse colon.

Same kit with no modifications can be used for VAGINAL FLASH and CLEANSING!

Why to use Ozone Enima?

Dissolved Ozonated Water is more gentle on your colon, gives  no cramping  (unlike direct rectal ozone insufflation) and deeply penetrates all tissue and organs in your body with Ozonated Water Enriched Blood Plasma.

The Ozone Water enters the bloodstream through the intestinal walls, and the blood begins being oxygenated. While traversing through the intestines anaerobic bacteria are oxidized, resulting in the probable formation of gases that will cause some pressure. That's why doing long rectal insufflations (over 30 minutes) is not as easy as vaginal insufflation.

Vaginal Ozonated Water Cleansing is used for any vaginal, uterine, ovarian or lower abdominal problem. It may be beneficial for  pelvic inflammatory diseases, fibroids, etc. The ozone will enter the lymph system from vaginal insufflation, as  well as the blood stream.

Disclaimer:  Ozone  Therapy is approved as treatment modality in many country around the word, but not in USA  FDA. 

Dr. O Natural Health Solutions does  not assume any risk connected to your misuse of Ozone and /or any Ozone Therapies.

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 8 in

Medical & Food Grade PVC and PP, Silicone, Polycarbonate





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  1. looks great !!! Looks like good quality !

  2. You may need to tighten the bottom fitting a few times for a water tight seal. This product gives you the ability to bubble up to 2.5 liters of water, that’s a lot of water to hold. I’ve found 1 – 1.5 liters is perfect at 2ppm.

  3. Have not tried this yet

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