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Ozonated Olive Oils

Here, at Dr.O Solutuions, we produce Bio-Ozole! Fully ozonated organic virgin olive oils of highest quality.

On this page you can find information about ozonated (ozoned) olive oils and it's range of uses. Benefits of applying for teeth and skin wound healing, toenail fungus and so on. Before and after and Side Effects.

What is Ozonated Olive Oil and What is a range of uses?

Ozonated Olive Oil is totally unique product that produced when ozone is bubbled through olive oil continuously for an extended period of time. During this time the olive oil changes to an off-white past and getting completely unique properties.

Dr.O Solutions Fully Ozonated Oil may be helpful for the following conditions:

  • Muscles’ pain
  • Burns, sunburns
  • Scrapes, cuts
  • Psoriasis, eczema
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Foot and toenail fungus
  • Poison oak or ivy
  • Bee stings, bug bites
  • and many other conditions

The list is endless and new uses are being discovered all the time. Ozonated oils are also being introduced into alternative dentistry and have been shown to be helpful in healing abscesses of the gum, teeth, periodontal pockets and gingivitis.

Ozonated Olive Oil Usage

Use externally for skin oxygenation. Apply 1 to 3 times daily as needed by applying to the affected areas. For scent, you can add a few drops of your favorite pure aromatherapy-grade essential oil (not blended with synthetics).

Other benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil?

Ozonated oil makes one of the most excellent facial skin conditioners that keeps your skin young by bringing oxygen into the cell. Oxygen keeps your genes functioning in optimal level and removes toxicity from the cells.

Apply the oil to the face very liberally, being certain to massage deeply. Use enough oil to coat the skin, so that the pores are completely insulated. Allow the oil to remain on the skin for about 30 minutes. Then, using a paper towel, remove all of the excess oil on the surface of the skin.

Possible side effects:

Due to anti-microbial and T-cells immune activating properties of ozonated oil, it can bring to the surface of the skin conditions that previously have been invisible before ozonated oil application. In general that is a very good sign of healing processes however condition can be very uncomfortable for short period of time 1-2 weeks.  It can present itself in Herpes eruptions (if Herpes Virus present in your body) or detoxifying Skin Rash. Remember the rule – Young Looking Skin is a sign of healthy skin cells.


Dr. O Solution Bio-Ozole can stay fresh for 3+ years without storing it in a cold place. Keeping oil in the refrigerator will preserve its freshness for a lifetime.

What is the average shelf life for day-to-day use?

Room temperature (not recommended) will keep up to 3-4 weeks. Refrigerator keeps practically its full efficiency for an extended period of time (6+ months). Freezer ideal for long term storage (12+ months)

We using only extra virgin organic olive oil and medical oxygen for ozone to create our product

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