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What is Ozonated Oil with Zinc used for?

Dr.O Solutions is proud to represent you our NEW product Ozonated Olive Oil with Zinc, that made from Organic Virgin Olive Oil ozonated with Medical Grade Ozone.

Dr.O Ozonated Olive Oil with Zinc our NEW product, but some people already have tried it and found it to be very helpful. Zinc has a profound ANTIVIRAL EFFECT ON YOU SKIN AND BODY combined with Ozonated Olive Oil it brings energy into every cell of your body. Well known properties of Zinc is suppresses viral replication.

Ozonated Olive Oil w/Zinc may be helpful with:
– all Herpes Infections and outbreaks
– reduce size of skin tags and moles
– healing effect on lesions and skin wounds
– muscles pain
– burns, sun burns
– scrapes, cuts
– psoriasis, eczema
– seborrheic dermatitis
– poison oak or ivy
– bee stings, bug, tick, spider bites
– may be helpful with many other conditions

Apply 1 to 3 times daily as needed by applying to the affected areas.

Solution Ozonated Oil can stay fresh for 5+ years without storing in cold place but by keeping oil in refrigerator will preserve its freshness for a lifetime.

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