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Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit

Dr.O Solutions Vaginal Insufflation Kit is a unique design that allows for continuous flow of ozone to the area, maximizing the effect, while minimizing the amount of ozone that goes into the room air.

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Dr.O Solutions Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit contains:
  1.  Vaginal Insert
  2.  Liquid Trap
  3.  8′ Medical Grade  Silicone tubing with  Luer  connector
  4. Mini Ozone Destractor
  5. Vaginal Insufflation Instructions

Ozone Generator Not Included

This ozone kit was designed for continuous ozone flow without excess going into the breathing air. The insert is placed into the vaginal area and will allow for an inflow of ozone and an outflow of the gas and liquid residue.  The liquid trap will prevent liquid from going into the ozone destruct.  And the ozone destruct will neutralize the excess ozone so it does not go into the air.

Vaginal insufflation may be used for any vaginal, uterine, ovarian or lower abdominal problem, including pelvic inflammatory diseases, fibroids, etc. The ozone will enter the lymph system from vaginal insufflation, as well as the blood stream.

Disclaimer:  Ozone  Therapy is approved as treatment modality in many country around the word, but not in USA by FDA.

Dr. O Natural Health Solutions does  not assume any risk connected to your misuse of Ozone and Ozone Therapies.



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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 1 in


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