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Ozone Cup for Ozone Cupping Therapy, Small

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Ozone  Cupping is a technique where ozone is introduced to the body surface on a specific restricted area at  very  low flow rate (1/32 – 1/16 L/m).
This is especially useful for areas of our body (torso or head) when Limb Bagging is not possible  due to natural restriction. 
Ozone Cupping is may be effective as for human organ weaknesses due to age and progressing dis-eases (liver, pancreas, spleen, intestine,
kidney, adrenal, thyroid and etc.) as many skin conditions.  
Ozone Cupping can save you from a Lyme disease  by  putting Ozone Cup over Tick. Ozone will kill tick on contact in a few minutes and will  detoxify
Tick infected skin area.
Ozone Cupping is only not toxic solution for SCABIES  Infestation  where ozone kills Sarcoptes scabiei inside the skin especially in case of in hard to reach areas
areas of the HEAD and SCALP.
Ozone Capping will work very well for any other  local inflamed  areas (ruptured spinal disk, small not healing scars, furuncles and carbuncles and etc).

Ozone Cap include:
1. Medical Grade Silicone Cup (2.0 " in diameter)
2. Extra Long Silicone Tube (4')
3. Luer Connector (connects directly to Dr. O Solutions Ozone Generator)

* If you are treating many areas of your body or if you are concern about Ozone room contamination, you can utilize a following set up 
with 3-way valve and Ozone Destructor (please see a picture)


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Weight 8.0 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 in


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