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Benefits of Ozonated Water

In this post Dr.O Solutions wants to tell you about common benefits and applications of Ozonated water.

First of all, Ozonated water is water that has been put through the process of ozonation, which removes bacteria and chemicals from the water and makes it more pure than it was before.

Nowadays more and more people use Ozonated Water in their everyday life. They use it for medical therapy, gargling, rinsing, drinking, desinfections, cleaning, cooking and for many other applications.

Let’s start …

Ozone Water Therapy.

Drinking ozonated water:

1. Delivers ozone right into your gut where it may kill the harmful yeast (candida) that cause sugar carving and promote weight gain

2. Reduces inflammations in the body. Because of this, if you suffer from arthritis, digestive disorders, joint pain, migraines, you may be able to improve your treatments by drinking ozonated water. You may find out that your treatments are working more effectively when you use ozonated water.

3. May help fight cancer. Of course, you can not get rid of cancer solely by drinking ozonated water, however, it may be very helpful part in your rehabilitation.

4. Detoxify body. Any type of water, if you have it enough, can help you detoxify your body and get feel better. However, using ozoneted water instead, may be able to prevent negative outcomes of the detoxifying process and get yourself looking and feeling the way you want much sooner than you would expect.

5. May helps improve digestion, especially for people, who have a digestive allergic reaction to many chemicals.


Ozone is one of the most effective sanitizers on the planet. This makes it a perfect method for cleaning toothbrush bristles and dentures. Also it may effectively disinfect your kitchen sink, dish sponge and removes a “sink odor”. Soaking underwear, children toys and supplies, after washing kills viruses and gives freshness.

Dental use, Gargling and Rinsing.

Gargling with ozonated water may help you reduce inflammation that caused any throat diseases. It recommended as an alternative daily mouth rinse to all patients who are at high risk to caries and also as a preventive measure to all the other patients.

Cleaning .

Ozone kills the bacteria and viruses that often lurk in your product as well as breaks down any pesticides. Just put fruits and veggie in large bowl into the water before or after ozonation for 10-15 minutes. Also you can wash meat and fish in water that will kills bacterias, parasites and substantially increase a shelf life. Washing your hands and face with ozonated water destroying the bad stuff and promote younger looking skin via infusion of oxygen.

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