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Ozone Destructs

Ozone destruct is a device that is used to break down ozone gas (O3) into oxygen gas (O2). Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is often used for air and water purification purposes, but it can be harmful to human health and the environment at high concentrations. Ozone destruct devices are therefore commonly used in applications where ozone is generated, such as in industrial or laboratory settings, to prevent the release of ozone into the environment.

Ozone destruct devices typically work by exposing ozone gas to a catalyst material, such as activated carbon, manganese dioxide, or platinum, that causes the ozone molecules to break down into oxygen molecules. The catalyst material provides a surface for the ozone molecules to interact with, and the high reactivity of ozone causes it to react with the catalyst and form oxygen gas.

Ozone destruct devices may be built into ozone generators or used as separate units, and may be designed to handle different flow rates and concentrations of ozone gas. They may also include features such as temperature sensors and alarms to ensure safe and effective operation.

It’s important to note that ozone destruct devices should be regularly maintained and replaced as needed to ensure proper functioning and prevent the release of ozone into the environment. Ozone exposure can have harmful effects on human health, such as respiratory irritation, and can also damage plants and other living organisms.

Ozone Destruct Unit, Large

Ozone Destruct Unit , Large

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Ozone Destruct Unit, Mini

Ozone Destruct Unit , Mini

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Ozone Therapy Basic Kit

Ozone Therapy Basic Kit

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