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Oxygens In-Line Regulator

Oxygen in-line regulator is a device used to regulate the flow of oxygen from a medical gas cylinder or wall outlet to a patient’s airway. The regulator is typically placed in-line between the oxygen source and the patient’s breathing circuit.

The purpose of the oxygen in-line regulator is to control the pressure and flow of oxygen to the patient’s airway, ensuring that they receive the appropriate amount of oxygen to maintain adequate oxygenation levels. The regulator typically consists of a pressure gauge, a flowmeter, and a control knob that allows the user to adjust the flow rate.

The pressure gauge displays the pressure of the oxygen in the cylinder or wall outlet, and the flowmeter displays the flow rate of the oxygen in liters per minute. The control knob allows the user to adjust the flow rate to the desired level.

Oxygen in-line regulators are commonly used in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare. They are often used in conjunction with oxygen therapy, which is a medical treatment that involves the administration of oxygen to patients with respiratory distress or other medical conditions that affect their breathing.

Overall, oxygen in-line regulators are an essential component of oxygen therapy, allowing healthcare providers to deliver the appropriate amount of oxygen to patients while ensuring their safety and comfort.

Low Flow Oxygen In-Line Regulator

Low Flow Oxygen In-Line Regulator

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